Push Notification Setup- How to Configure Push Notification at Azure


In this article you will be able to learn how can we configure Azure Push Notification for windows and IOS platform.

2.Azure Push Notification Setup

Following are some steps require to configure push notification at azure.

  • LoginClick Here and go to microsoft login page. Enter your credentials and get logged in.
  • Create Notification Hub: After successful login, tap at New button at the bottom of screend


Click on New->Service Bus->Notification Hub->Quick Create as shown in given snapshot.


You can also create Notification Hub using Microsoft new Azure portal by following given snapshot.


  • Notification Hub Access connection information: When Notification hub is created successfully, it will provide connection/string or endpoints which are used to receive and send Notifications within app. To get endpoints or connection strings.By using old Azure Portal, select  service bus and then click on your “Notification Hub” which you have already created and then Click on “Connection Information” as given in below snapshot.




  • When you will click on “Connection Information” at the bottom of screen, popup windows will open in which endpoints/ connections strings are given. This connection strings must be provided to apps developer along with Notification hub Name to integrate Azure Push Notification in apps. Please view the attached snapshot.d.pngYou can also get Connection information using Microsoft Azure New Portal as given in snapshot.dd.png

    Search and select your Notification hub as given in snapshot.

    e.pngPlease follow the given snapshot to get Connection strings.


  • Configure Notification Hub: Please select your Notification Hub from Service Bus and follow the given snapshot to configure the Azure Push Notification for Windows Universal apps. The Package SID and Client Secret can be retrieved from windows Store.aa.png
  • Push Notification Setup for IOS: The other process is same for IOS as well but notification hub configuration process will be changed as follows.d.png
  • After providing information for Windows and IOS platform, click on “SAVE” button. Now you have done all the required steps to configure Azure Push Notification on Cloud.
  • On Azure New Portal: Click on Browse as shown at the left of the screen, then search your notification Hub. Tap on your  selected notification hub. The view will be similar to given snapshotdd.png
  • Please follow the given snapshot to configure Push Notification for IOS platform on Azure Clouddd.png
  • Please follow the given snapshot to configure  push notification for Windows platform on azure clouddd.png

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